#62: Art Progression

1. Layouts. Just making sure everything fits the way I expect it to. The color swatches at the top are for pencil graphite and layout blue.

2. Pencils. Layout layer is dimmed by placing a white layer over it at 75% opacity (could also manually dim the layout layer, but doing it this way is more convenient as you can quickly flip the dimming effect on and off). Detail is added to the rough layout. Facial expression tweaked. Background drawn in it's own layer.

3. Inks. Inking is applied to the line work. Background inked separately. Again, pencil layer is dimmed by placing a 75% opacity white layer over it. 

4. Color. Basic colors are applied to the foreground and background. I apply color directly to the inking layer. It is easier to manage slight tweaks in the inked lines if the layer is one with the colors. Swatch table on the left are the colors that I most often use for my main character.

5. Shadows and highlights. Shadows and highlights are applied each in their own layers. Shadows are simply black at 25% opacity and the highlights are white at 40% opacity.

6. Lettering and Finished Product. I add dialog lettering to its own layer. The pizza box gets digital lettering as well. Added the doodle of Carl from Flatt Bear to the fridge in the background. A pre-saved border mask layer is applied outside the frame to hide bleed-over. Swatches are hidden.

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