Cast of Characters

A majority of CoB comics center around Trevor. He is, of course, loosely based on me (the creator). Trevor is a strange guy who doesn't quite fit in anywhere. He's got peculiar mannerisms, says peculiar things, has peculiar habits, and generally gets on everyone's nerves. He is a fairly intelligent guy who dances to the beat of his own drum.

First Appearance: Conspiracy of Birds #1 (August 2014)

Trevor's cousin and best friend. He's a single dad (to Jake) who is also the "everyman" of the comic. He's not particularly bright, but he is not dumb either. Todd often serves to be the grounded voice of reason to the strange friends and loose acquaintances that surround him. He's the sort of person that often questions if he's the one that's gone crazy, or if it really is everybody else around him.

First Appearance (unnamed): Conspiracy of Birds #3 (August 2014)
Max Feldspar:
Usually just called "Feldspar" by his friends, Max sees himself as a brilliant scientist and engineer, only nothing he does in that regard ever works out right. His ineptitude is often the source wild and zany conflict within the CoB universe.

First Appearance: Conspiracy of Birds #48 (February 2015)

Larry was originally hired as Trevor's "Emotion Owl" to be his voice in situations where Trevor had trouble speaking for himself. Larry's pastimes include drinking beer, giving terrible advice, and sometimes being helpful to the gang,
Todd's infant son Jake does the things that most babies do, only Todd, and occasionally a babysitting Trevor have no idea how to deal.

First Appearance: Conspiracy of Birds #4 (August 2014)

Krissy Bronus:
Jake's mother and Todd's ex. Krissy isn't exactly parent material so Todd has primary custody of Jake. Trevor is her sworn enemy as he was the one who dropped the dime on her when she tried to cook Todd's face with a clothing iron. She spends much of her time in and out of prison where she lost her non-crazy eye in a fork fight in the cafeteria.

Nurse Beth:
Reluctant friend of Trevor and Todd, Beth is not one to put up with any of their nonsense. In fact, she has a pretty low tolerance for anyone or anything. Beth cares for Arbordale Hospital's patients with her unorthodox and occasionally effective nursing techniques.

First Appearance: Conspiracy of Birds #50 (March 2015)

Bill Beefo:
Trevor's Uncle on the other side of his family, Bill runs the local burger joint. He's a gun, meat, and America loving tough guy with more than his fair share of body hair. He and and Trevor often spar over political and social issues, but Trevor and the gang hang out at his restaurant anyway. As Trevor once put it, "He's fat, racist, thinks guns will solve everything, but ya know, he's family."

First Appearance: Conspiracy of Birds #2 (August 2014)

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